Live Meeting Invite: Meet the Microsoft Transporter for Lotus Domino 2007 (and team)

After the release of the public beta last week, I thought it would be fun/good to have an open Live meeting to allow everyone to meet the team, do some demos, and answer some questions.  So consider this your invitation to join us in a review of this recent release.



Tuesday Jan 30th, 2007  10:00am PST

Live Meeting: Meet the Microsoft Transporter for Lotus Domino 2007


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Questions can be submitted using the Live Meeting Question Manager.


NOTE: There will be a limited phone bridge to the first 50 callers if you are having audio problems.  Live Meeting Internet Audio Broadcasting (IAB) has been enabled, please adjust the volume on your pc to audit the session and submit questions via the Live Meeting Question Manager. 


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Toll free: +1 (866) 500-6738

Toll: +1 (203) 480-8000

Participant code: 4785480

Comments (8)

  1. NBlogger says:

    Absoutely !  And will post here.


  2. NBlogger says:

    Re Morgands;

    We will talk about co-existence. It actually is rather straight forward and does not require an Edge server.  You just setup speicfic SMTP routing by configuing host entries in Domino and Exchange.


  3. NBlogger says:

    Re Mark;

    The GroupWise decision was tough, (especially since I personally owned these tools in the past) however in the end we could not justify the work to move these forward.  We have been working with third party developers (Quest specifically) around this space and I would talk to them about both migraion and co-existence.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Erik and Edward,

    We still have a good demand for GroupWise migrations in the public sector and in healthcare. The limitation of having no GW transporter and forcing an insert of an Exchange 2003 server in a Exchange 2007 has been delaying some of these customers from moving because they percieve this as three messaging environments needed for co-existence. Any chance of future GW co-existence support.. We would use 3rd party migration tools for the actually migration to GW but the co-existence piece is really needed in Exchange 2007.

    – Mark

  5. Danieln says:

    when is the this meeting you didn’t post time and day info? (and I couldn’t get that information from the URL)

  6. I would like to know exactly how a message interoperability scenario between Exchange and Domino can be configured. Which receive/send connectors are required, do you need an edge server etc? Looking forward to the event!

  7. NBlogger says:


    Tuesday, Jan 30th  10:00am PST

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can you have this recorded?  I have a meeting conflict, but would love to see this.



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