Public Beta for Microsoft Transporter Suite 2007 for Domino Released

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Today, Microsoft publicly announces a new set of tools to make the transition from Lotus to Microsoft easier.  The announcement details:

·         A new set of coexistence and migration tools (Microsoft’s Transporter Suite 2007 for Lotus Domino)

·         Role-Based Templates for SharePoint My Site: Specific application templates based on common roles like sales managers, IT engineer, etc.

·         40 Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Templates: Providing a great starting point for many custom applications.

  (* you can read the whole Press Release here )


As part of this we are opening up a public beta for the Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino for anyone interested to download, trial and provide feedback. The beta program is being run through Microsoft Connect at  To access the Beta simply signup for Connect and select to apply for ‘Microsoft Transporter Public Beta’ under the programs in ‘Available Connections’.


Great day for customers who are deploying Microsoft’s collaboration products:

The Transporter Suite is a huge step forward at making transitions easier.  We look at this release from several points: 

·         2007 collaboration: We fully support Microsoft’s 2007 product line.  All our tools are designed for Exchange 2007, Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007 - enabling customers to migrate to the latest and greatest collaboration software available.

·         New features: We added a ton of new features (like a unified admin GUI, PowerShell foundation, ACL migrations, User migrations, scripting, multi-threading, and more) that ease the migrations for our customers migrating accounts, mailboxes, applications and doing analysis.

·         Enabling future scenarios: We built the suite as a platform that we are now using to add additional scenarios for future releases.  Including the support for custom application migration, local archive migration, encrypted mail migrations, personal address books and more.   We are also working closely with partners to extend even further…

·         Endless possibilities and customization: our new tools are setting a new coexistence & migration direction for our customers and partners to expedite their migrations.  Being built on PowerShell, there is nothing they can not do!!!


Check out the cool video on Channel 9: !!!


There will be lots of additional information, some Live Meeting demo’s showcasing the extensibility of our tools for customers and partners & more. 


All of this starts today & will be happening later this week and more…


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  1. NBlogger says:


     Not sure I understand your question.  If you want to co-exist (Meaning sync directory, free/busy and mail) you will need these tools.  The Domino server should be on the same LAN that these tools are installed for best performance of directory-sync and Free/Busy lookup however that is just for performance.  Can you restate your question.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Steve highlighted this article that appeared on eweek. I’d been following the news internally and saw

  3. Anonymous says:

    before my head explodes… First and foremost, this is interesting. Microsoft just released their beta

  4. mdaitc says:


    am getting an error "Could not retrieve E12 webservice url." when trying to migrate a mailbox – the AD account was successfully created however..


  5. NBlogger says:

    kuykendc – does the XP workstation have MMC 3.0 installed? This is one of the prerequisites. There’s a link to the download site in the QuickStart and in the help file.

    – Amy

  6. NBlogger says:


     When we have seen these, they have been due to a configuration problem of the Exchange AutoDiscovery service (We use Exchange AutoDiscovery to find the mailbox), but I would like to be sure.  Can you log this on the Feedback form on MS Connect and I will have this looked into.

     The beta program on MS Connect has a feedback form for reporting and tracking any Beta issues.


  7. NBlogger says:

    Yes, in the Press Release it states:

    > "In the next 30 days, customers will be able to download these tools and templates at no charge…"

    You will see in our final release some additional functionality (currently in internal testing) but overall stability wise, there are no outstanding issues & we stress on the connectors here in production far more than I would imagine any of you could do in a lab… so stability wise, we think we’re good (happy to be proven wrong).

    eg. we have deployed both the fb & directory sync connectors in production here @ms (yes, my team uses & runs DominoNotes in a coexist mode) – to date, no issues or crashes I am aware of in the connectors (or from our nearly 200 early adopters…)

    Any issues you see with our tools we would love to hear about.  you can use this blog to post, post on connect or contact one of us directly


  8. Anonymous says:

    So this is just beta!  I thought with the high profile of the Press Release, you were launching the real deal.

    When can I expect that?  I will look at the documentation, but I can’t imagine getting to excited about beta code.  The last production version is unstable enough – don’t think I am brave enough to try beta code!


  9. NBlogger says:

    Please post this (and any other questions on the Connect site in the Feedback section. That generates a bug automatically which gets forwarded to the appropriate person. It also allows us to track the issues better than via the blog. You’ll see a quicker response via the Feedback mechanism as well.

    Thanks for your participation though – we really want to hear the feedback!

    – Amy

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about posting that here.  I’ll be sure to use the Feedback section next time.  Installed MMC 3.0 and everything is working fine now.  I swear… I’m really going to start reading the instructions before jumping in head first.  Thanks for the help!

  11. NBlogger says:

    @mdaitc@erik (NBlogger)

    I have seen this as well in my test environment.  Are you using a Proxy server & configuring IE to go thru this?

    If so, disable Use Proxy in IE under Connections Tab.  This should resolve the issue.


  12. NBlogger says:


    No worries if you do not get on the beta.  We already have a large number of people signed up for the public beta plus a large set that was on the initial beta.

    As for it being a beta.  Betas are a good thing, gives the community a chance to provide feedback and gives us a chance to incorporate that feedback.


  13. bummy says:

    I may be questioning the obvious here, but you to have the Exchange Transport service installed in order to use this suite to coexist a lotus domino living on a different network than the Exchange, correct?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Installed Transporter Suite RC1 but I’m getting an error when I try to run it.  This is on an XP machine running SP2 with all updates.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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