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What can I do to prepare for the new 2007 version of the interoperability and migration tools for Lotus Domino and Microsoft?


Familiarize yourself with PowerShell, make sure you’re comfortable with configuring SMTP for both Exchange and Domino and get your hands on the beta copies of Exchange, Office and SharePoint 2007.


Are there any issues with embedded pictures and documents sent from the Internet through Domino then forwarded to Exchange across the current Lotus Notes Connector ?


To get the maximum compatibility, you will want to change your mapping tables so that the Person documents created by the Exchange 2003 Connector for Lotus Notes sets the MessageStorage field to 2. In the dxanotes directory (under \program files\exchsrvr\conndata\dxanotes), modify mapmex.tbl so that MesStore =  "2" and modify AMAP.tbl to include the parameter MesStore 1 messagestore.


- Lou


Updated with some more details 10/23.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    we are having problems with the current connector.

    embedded images from notes to outlook do not come over.  bmp’s just make it as a grey scale image.  gif’s and jpg’s don’t make it at all.

    we tried setting prefers MIME in the domino directory, which helped.  multiple reply messages still get messed up.  but using MIME, breaks the calendar invites across the connector.  any tips?

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