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An IBM blogger mentioned that our blog has been pretty quiet lately. It's true - as the product team (rather than a Marketing or Sales group) we have been heads down working on the 2007 version of our coexistence and migration tools. They're coming along really well now - we're on schedule to ship when Exchange 2007 and Office 2007 ship and we're going to be offering some really great new features, including PowerShell support, which will allow you to do all kinds of scripting. We'll have a single GUI interface for working with all of the tools and of course we'll be supporting the latest and greatest versions of Exchange and Office.

As we have more time, we'll have public broadcasts that demonstrate the new tools, but right now, we're just focused on building great new tools for our customers. We've been getting tons of requests and questions about the new tools, so we know that lots of folks are interested in them. We'll post details shortly about the new functionality and features that will be available for anyone interested in migrating to a Microsoft solution.

Also, several of our partners such as Proposion , Casahl , Quest and Binary Tree have announced and/or released their tools for migration to Exchange and Office 2007, so if you're interested in researching your migration options, watch this site and also look to our partners to help you migrate to Microsoft.

- Amy

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  1. ghalter says:

    How do i post a question on this blog? I do not see a New Post option anywhere.

  2. NBlogger says:

    We monitor all the different blogs, so you can just post a question to the latest entry.

    Also you can use the ‘Email’ option on the left.


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