Friday Mailbag

I’ve setup the mapping tables so that certain attributes  such as Pager replicate from Active Directory to the Domino Directory, but

it doesn’t seem to work. Most attributes are there, but certain ones like pager aren’t being replicated.


The issue is that pager isn’t set to replicate to the Global Catalogs in the Active Directory. To fix this look at this link which shows you what is being replicated to the Global Catalog.


You may need to use ADSIEdit or LDP to set the attribute on that object to TRUE so that it will replicate to the Global Catalog, and the be synchronized

From the AD to Domino.


Can I run the Migration Wizard 2003 on the same computer as the Connector 2003? Yes, this is supported, but keep in mind that you can only run the MigWiz when no other Notes applications are running.


If other applications are using the Notes client, the Notes APIs often crash. 

This means that if you have both tools installed on the same computer, you need to shut down the connector to run the Migration Wizard.


To avoid this, install the tools on different computers.


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  1. Petri X says:

    Should I read the following text:

     "If other applications are using the

      Notes client, the Notes APIs often crash."

    that when connector is running you should not start the Notes client ?


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