Friday Mailbag

Lou answered some interesting questions this week that I thought you might find interesting. 

- Amy

When configuring the Connector for Lotus Notes, what are the supported Address Space types?

The only supported Address space type on the Address Space Tab is Notes:.  Other Address Types may be entered, but they have not been tested and thus, are not supported.

Can I have multiple connectors?

Yes, multiple connectors are possible. There are considerations when using multiple connectors, see the section in the Exchange Server 2003 Coexistence and Migration for Lotus Domino mail document.

Can I support multiple Domino domains?

Yes, you will need to decide which methodology to use. The first option is to use a single connector and provided that the multiple Domino Domains have a single common hub domain, you can use the Routable Domains section on the Advanced Tab of  the connector. The second option is to have one Domino Domain per Routing Group.

Can I use SMTP instead of the Connector for mail transport?

SMTP is an option for transport. You will loose the rich conversion capabilities of the connector and the capability to implement the Microsoft Exchange Calendar Connector for Lotus Notes.

Is S/MIME supported?

Secure MIME is not supported in the current release of the connector.


- Lou

Comments (2)

  1. dsandeep says:


    I am looking for information on estimating Groupwise to MS Exchange effort.

    Can you help or point me in some direction?

    Thank you,

  2. NBlogger says:

    Our team is working on tools for migrating from Lotus Notes to the 2007 products right now. Groupwise migrations are handled by our partners, such as Quest.

    – Amy

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