Migrating batches of applications

Did you know that you can migrate groups (batches) of applications rather than individual applications using Microsoft Application Transporter 2006 for Lotus Domino? In order for multiple databases to be migrated together in a batch using a single job file, they must all share a common design and use the same Source and Target Data Definitions. By using multiple job files, you can migrate multiple databases that have different designs in a batch.

To migrate a batch of applications, issue the following string at the command line:

AppTransporterBatch.exe [ -job <jobfile> [ -source <connectionstring> ]  [ -target <listpath> ] [ -import <infile> | -export <outfile> ] [ -quiet] ]



-job <jobfile>   Specifies the jobfile for a data migration job.

-source <connectionstring>   Overrides the Notes Data Source specified in the Job Definition.

-target <listpath>   Overrides the SharePoint Data Target in the Job Definition.

-import <infile>   Performs a partial migration job using the named XML data file as a data input.

-export <outfile>   Performs a partial migration job writing intermediate results to the named XML data file.

-quiet   Performs migration job but does not display any information on the screen.

More details are available in the Application Transporter help file.

Happy transporting!

- Amy

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