Document Link OLE option with the Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes

As mentioned previously there are three options for converting document links from Domino to Exchange; RTF, OLE, and URL. The URL shortcut option for Doc Link conversion is the customer preferred option since most customers like the URL simplicity and its ease of use in Outlook 2003. Some customers have requested more information on how the OLE option works in conjunction with Outlook 2003. Here is a process on how to open the doc links from an Outlook 2003 client using the OLE Document Link option on the connector.


How to have Outlook 2003 open the Doc Links from a mail message.

You will need the Office 2003 Resource Kit


  1. Download  and Install the Office Resource Kit

  2. Locate the Orktools folder (normally C:\Program Files\Orktoools

  3. Locate the Outlook Administrator Pack folder

  4. Extract ADMPACK.exe

  5. The readme document and the oft file are the two important pieces you need.

  6. Follow the instructions in the readme document for setting up the Outlook Security Settings Public Folder.

  7. Check the box "Allow in-place activation of embedded OLE objects". This allows the user to have Outlook 2003 launch OLE Document Links.

  8. Save the form to the Public folder as per the instructions in the readme document.

There is a known issue using Word as your e-mail editor and document links once you make these changes above. If you choose to implement this option, do not use Word as your e-mail editor in Outlook.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Connector can be configured to configure Notes DocLinks as OLE attachments for Outlook users, but…

  2. Anonymous says:

    otherwise you have to web enable the application.  we need the user to open the application in Notes to action the document.  OLE seems to be the only way to achieve this

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello it’s Lou again, I’d like to thank Omar Castillo Rodriguez for his work on this topic. “In Office

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