Hello again, it’s Lou. I wanted to take the time to inform you of an update you should perform on your Exchange server(s) which host the Recipient Update Services.

This link, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/913676/en-us , explains that the NTSPXGen.dll file, the Notes Proxy Address List Generator is not updated when Exchange 2003 Sp2 was installed. This has to be done manually. The process is easy and requires no downtime, and what’s more, it will prevent a known issue from occurring, which is located here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/840668/ . This issue occurs in RTM Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2003 Sp1. There is a post Sp1 hotfix available listed on the page for 840668 if you are still at Sp1. If you are running Sp2 or later, you will want to check the version on the file Ntspxgen.dll (located in the \Exchsrvr\address\notes\i386 folder).  The Dll version you want is 6.5.7638.1, 8/25/2005.  If this is not the version of the Dll that is on your RUS server, you can find it in the \setup\i386\exchange\address\notes\i386 directory when you extract SP2. Simply copy the Ntspxgen.dll from the extracted Sp2 directory, and place it in the \Exchsrvr\address\notes\i386 folder and you’re good to go.

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