SWOT Team – What is it?

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In my first Blog I talked about the SWOT team that we’ve started in the IW/Exchange product groups here at Microsoft. IW, just to remove the acronym stands for Information Worker. SWOT which stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat represents a significant commitment by the product groups of Microsoft to helping our customers, partners and the Microsoft field successfully deliver migrations from Lotus Domino/Notes to Microsoft Collaboration Platform.

We started the SWOT team in August 2005 and are continuing to grow the team. I stated the team goal above, helping people make sense of a Lotus Notes/Domino Migration. Our mission is: Provide expertise, guidance, training & feedback to our field, customers, partners & product group(s) to improve MS solutions for easy adoption of the MS Collaboration platform.

          Assist select customers, field & partners in strategic engagements.

          Gain expertise thru interactions with customer's via the CompHot, CPR, exec escalations & Complex Bid Desk systems.

          Provide Guidance\Training\Feedback to the field, customers, partners & product groups.

I suspect the next question is how do we engage the SWOT team?


Today we engage with our customer’s via Microsoft’s internal CompHot system. CompHot is a system designed to help competitive issues reach the top levels of the organization quickly. SWOT works with the Comphot system and is added as a Subject Matter Expert on the Comphot call.


The reason we decided to use the CompHot escalation system for the SWOT team was that it’s built for both the Microsoft Field and our partners to use. This allows us to have SWOT professionals engage with our partner and Microsoft Field teams as a resource.


We work with many customers (although as a small team our bandwidth is limited) striving to provide the best support possible for our customers migrating from Lotus Technologies. Of course there is always this Blog a great place to see what the SWOT team is thinking about and doing.


Next – a blog on how to open a SWOT call!



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