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Every Friday, we're going to post some questions we receive from folks running our tools, along with our responses.  Enjoy!

- Amy

I have the following questions from a partner on migration from Notes to Exchange Server 2003.  I wonder if the migration tool from Lotus Notes 6.5 mail to Exchange also takes care of the folder structure within Notes mail so that it ends up looking the same in Exchange (or Outlook)?  The customer has lot of individual distribution lists in Notes and we wonder if they will be migrated automatically?

Notes mail folders are migrated to Outlook mailboxes, so yes, the folder structure will be displayed after migration.  

In Notes, the distribution lists are stored as Group documents in the user’s Personal Address Book, which is stored locally rather than on the Domino server.  Currently, our tool does not migrate information that is stored locally, but several third party tools do support this.

What could cause 41220 No Notes Session Open Error? 

You’re using the Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes which requires a Lotus Notes client to be installed on an Exchange 2003 Server.  You launch the Lotus Notes client and switch to a different Notes user ID to perform some task.  This user ID does not have the necessary rights required for the Connector to properly route mail and generates the 41220 error.  Recommendation is to not use the Notes client that’s installed on the Exchange 2003 Server for any other purpose.

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