Karl Sand, Program Manager

Hello All!


My name is Karl Sand and I am a new PM on Todd Wanke’s team at Microsoft. I joined the team in October 2005 after spending 2 years in the Professional Services organization at Groove. Prior to that I worked for Lotus Consulting (a.k.a. IBM Global Services) in the San Francisco office as a “Solution Architect”. 


All told, I’ve been working with Lotus Notes and Domino for 14 years now. I was the lucky person who first researched Notes for usage at Hewlett-Packard in the early 90’s, and subsequently adopted it as a core, collaboration utility for HP.  During my six year tenure there I was responsible for the 140 server global infrastructure for Notes and worked as the Service Delivery Manager for the deployment of collaborative applications.  


After the acquisition of Groove in May of last year, there were many new opportunities opened for the professional services group.  With my background and experience the first group I came in contact with was Todd’s team since it’s focused on solutions for Notes customers.  Having had all those years deploying Notes infrastructures and building custom applications, Todd thought I could definitely make an impact on the team.  So I agreed to come on board and help round out a team of Microsoft experts by adding the skills and knowledge from the Notes/Domino side.


Today my focus is on the Notes SWOT Team along with Scott Andersen. SWOT is straight from the solutions sales process (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat). We help customers with problems they experience in migrations from Lotus Notes, but more about that later.


Finally something recent about me.  I currently live in Northern California, just outside Sacramento.  My wife and I both used to work at HP in the Bay Area, but after searching for a house down there we quickly came to the decision that greener, and less expensive, pastures lay elsewhere.  We moved to El Dorado Hills almost eight years ago and now have two wonderful daughters that consume all the spare time in our lives.  More on that, and pictures, in future blogs.



Comments (2)

  1. erb says:

    >"Lotus Consulting (a.k.a. IBM Global Services)"

    Karl, Lotus Consulting has NEVER been part of IBM Global Services.  They are completely separate parts of IBM.  Not sure why you’d make that connection.

  2. NBlogger says:


    This is in reply to Ed Brill’s comment that Lotus Consulting is not the same organization as IBM Global Services (IGS).  He’s right.  However, many resources that worked in the small Lotus Consulting organization were brought in to work on customer engagements with IGS.  We were introduced to the customer as being part of IGS and that’s why I posted the (a.k.a.) portion in my BIO blog.  So if any customers read my BIO blog on the site they may have remembered me as being part of IGS and wondered if it was the same person.

    Sorry for the confusion.  Hope this clears things up…

    Karl Sand

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