MSDE/SQL Requirement for Application Analyzer 2006

Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino requires MSDE Release A to create reports.  This is a free download available here.  MSDE has a 2GB report limitation.  When performing an analysis, you have the option to append the results to an existing report or to generate a new report.  If you want to continue to use MSDE after hitting the 2GB limitation, you need to export previous results (to .XLS, .DOC, RTF or PDF) and delete the information prior to generating new reports.  If you wish to generate reports larger than 2GB, you must use SQL 2000 as the report engine for Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino.


MSDE requires a strong password to be configured during the installation.  To install and set the password, open a DOS window and switch to the MSDE installation directory (by default, this is C:\MSDERelA) and type setup SAPWD="password".  Please note that the quotes are required when entering the password.


- Amy

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