Application Analyzer 2006 Q&A Space

With the release of Microsoft's Application Analyzer 2006 today, we wanted to make sure there is a single discussion forum for you to post any questions or give us feedback.  

Along with the tool, we also posted information on our Quadrant Framework & Phases.  Any and all feedback welcome & appreciated.

-todd wanke

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  1. patrix says:


    Great, I have a question/request.

    How about reading and commenting on this review about the sharp release of the Application Analyzer:

  2. NBlogger says:

    I have seen this blog, along with the comments made to the blog.  Paul (as with the beta) did a fairly deep dive on the tool.  Although, obviously, I did not agree on all the conclusions, I appreciated his candid feedback.  In addition the comments to his
    review, (especially from Ben) I felt were useful.

    In general we are reviewing what we can of various blogs we can that are in the community to glean feedback on our products or if understand if there could be additional content/blogging that we should include here. 

    We are also open about comments on this site and will post all comments. We must review all comments for objectionable (such as foul language/prorn/etc) and will try be responsive.
     If someone would like a comment about specific areas they should post a question here for us to respond. 


    As we have already blogged about, the AA is a tool to help understand what applications are in your Domino topology when considering a transition.  It is part of the Planning phase in an overall methodology
    that I have posted about ( ).  The tool can help break out applications and group them into some logical groupings during
    this planning phase.  

    Right now we are driving down into the more specific details of application analysis and how the AA fits into this process (See the current posts by Karl and AMY). 
    Please feel free to read those posts for more details and to give feedback about this process and using the AA.



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