How to hide the Quick Launch…

The Quick Launch (a.k.a Current Navigation) is available on SharePoint sites to help users navigate to the appropriate lists, libraries and pages. However, on the rare occasion you are asked to hide the Quick Launch (shown in red) you can follow this post.

To hide the Quick Launch:

1.  Open the appropriate page and from the Site Actions menu, click Edit Page.

2.  Add a content editor Web part onto the appropriate page.

3.  Click on Modify shared Web part.

4.    Click the Source Editor... button:






5.     Copy and paste the following HTML:








display: none;



6.     Go to layouts section of the Web part and select Hidden:












7.     Click OK to save your changes with no Quick Launch:












If you want to get the quick launch to appear again, just roll-back the above 5 steps. Nice and easy.


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  1. James Kemp says:

    Hi Kumar,

    To hide the quick launch on multiple sites you would probably need to do one of the following:

    a) Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Tree View, and then deselect “Enable Quick Launch”. You may have to do this on each subsite unfortunately.

    b) Make your own master page (by copying default.master and hiding the quick launch). You can then configure the top-level site of the site collection to use your own master page. It will be easy to configure all subsites to use your custom master page (thus hiding the quick launch on all subsites). For more guidance on doing this, please see



  2. TeresaTO says:

    Thanks for the great tip!

    Is there a way to hide the Quick Launch only for anonymous users and for the Quick Launch to appear once the user signs in?


  3. James Kemp says:

    Hi Teresa,

    The navigation items on the Quick Launch should be security trimmed, i.e. if a user doesn’t have the permissions to view a particular document library, they won’t see the link to this document library on the Quick Launch. From this perspective, I would advocate using out-of-the-box functionality as it should meet your requirements……

    As I understand it, if a user has Read permissions for a doc library, they will see the link on the Quick Launch. Therefore, what you would need to do is to NOT give anonymous users Read permissions on your lists and libraries. That way, they wont see anything :).

    Thanks and all the best,


  4. James Kemp says:

    Hi Mike,

    Hmm….I haven’t ran into this problem before. However, I’m assuming that at the top-level in your site collection, have you configured the appropriate options to use your custom master page and custom .css file? I would also make sure you click the "reset all subsites to inherit this setting" checkbox when doing so. If this fails to work, I would consider modifying your master page to reference the css file directly and checking this works in a program like SharePoint Designer.

    If this fails, let me know. The other alternative of course, is to:

    Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Tree View, and then deselect "Enable Quick Launch". (you may have to do this on each subsite unfortunately).



  5. James Kemp says:

    Hi Abhi,

    If you would like to modify the links that appear on the Quick Launch you can do this through the SharePoint UI. No code is needed.

    1. From the Site Actions menu, click Site Settings

    2. Under Look and Feel, click Quick Launch (or Current Navigation)

    3. Delete the link/heading you want to hide (e.g. “Lists” or  “Calendar”)

    Your changes should be automatically reflected.


  6. James Kemp says:

    Hi Lisa-Marie,

    When hiding the Quick Launch on a publishing site the margin will be greatly reduced. To make sure this happens on all sites it maybe worth making your own master page. You can then choose to make certain content placeholders not visible, such as menus.

    NOTE: if you delete some content placeholders you will probably run into errors, so hiding them is probably a safer option.

    More info on making a custom master page can be found at sites such as



  7. James Kemp says:

    Hi Dean,

    Good feedback. I have modified the post to try and explain this (new first step).



  8. James Kemp says:

    Hi Emily,

    Yes. To hide a particular link or header within the Quick Launch:

    1. Go to Site Actions > Site Settings

    2. Under Look and Feel, click Quick Launch

    3. Delete the link/heading you want to hide (e.g. "Sites")



  9. James Kemp says:

    Hi Mike,

    Good suggestion – this of course is a simpler way of hiding the Quick Launch. The only disadvantage of this is that links to View All Site Content and the Recycle Bin are still shown, not fully maximising the width of the page. Granted, this wasn’t specified as a requirement in the above post!

    Thanks again,


  10. Mike Walsh says:

    Clever, but I have to ask what is wrong with the easier option of

    Site Settings / Tree View and removing the "x" from Quick Launch ?

  11. Lisa-Marie says:

    I did this and the quick launch dissapeared but the left margin did not move to the very left and instead there is just a empty space where the quick launch was.

    Can I change this?

    Do you also know how to remove the top meny bar… I guess it is similar to this.

  12. Barry says:

    I created my own custom master page and it seemed to do the trick!

    Cheers Barry

  13. Dean says:

    How do you put the page into edit mode?

    I’m confused.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Dean says:

    Thanks James. Please bear in mind in the future that not everyone is an *advanced* user. I haven’t done any training in Sharepoint. I am just trying to teach myself with the help of your blog and various other sources.

    Many thanks,


  15. kumar says:

    Hi,this article is very help to me in correct time……

    I have one doubt in my site collection which has 10 subsites. I follow ur steps quick launchbar is disabled good. However, to disable it on other subsites I have to follow procedure on all other sites…….

    Is there any easy way to do this on multiple sites. (Note: When i was creating subsite i selected unique permissions)……..

  16. Emily says:

    Is there anyway to hide just the Sites part of the Quick Launch?

  17. Ram Karthik says:

    Excellent article  that saved me lot of time

  18. rajdeep says:

    Sick one bruv. This is wicked!

  19. Abhi says:


    I want to hide small section (2,3 link) of Quick Launch section. How can I do that ?


  20. TeresaTO says:

    Thanks for the great tip!

    Is it possible to hide the Quick Launch for anonymous users but not authenticated users?

  21. mike says:

    I am trying to disable the quick launch bar on all pages on my site on the masterpage level (pages, lists, and librarys).

    I created a .css and linked to it in the header section and it works great, for me….

    My visistors with the default read permission level see the quick launch bar.

    How can I correct this?

    I tried adding the “can apply stlye sheets” in the read permission  level, but it didn’t work any ideas?

  22. Stowe says:

    Way cool…..much thanks


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