Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint Released!




Codeplex has recently released the source code for the Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint project —based on the Silverlight Beta 2 release. The Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint provide a way for developers to better understand how to integrate Silverlight applications with SharePoint. Five blueprint samples are provided with the release:


1.       Hello World

2.       Media Player

3.       Slider Control

4.       Custom Navigation

5.       Colleague Viewer


Documentation for each of the samples is provided along with the source code. The Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint can be found here



Comments (4)
  1. James Kemp says:

    Hi Fir and Wei,

    I’m not sure when more samples will be available. I would keep an eye on for the latest info

    Hope this helps.



  2. Fir Din says:

    Hi James,

    Do you know when further blueprints will be released?

    Thanks and keep up the good work,


  3. Wei says:

    Hi James,

    Firstly, thank your for replying to earlier post a few weeks ago. Secondly, do you know when further samples will be released?

    Thank you,


  4. Fir Din says:

    Thank you please. Very helpful


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