Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS)

A few weeks ago a Tech Preview of the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS) was made available on codeplex. The PKS is a free add-on for SharePoint Server 2007 which allows you to integrate Podcasts with SharePoint. The add-on enables you to: 

  • Find the most relevant content using the five star rating system, tag cloud, search engine and provide your feedback via comments

  • Listen and watch audio/video podcasts, anywhere on your PC or mobile device (Zune, SmartPhone, or any podcasting device)

  • Share content by producing your own audio/video podcasts and publishing them to SharePoint

  • Connect and engage with podcasters via your integrated instant messaging program

  • Get automatic podcast updates by subscribing to RSS feeds fully compatible with Zune and other podcasting devices

  • Play podcasts in real-time using Microsoft® Silverlight™ and progressive playback

  • Retrieve instant ROI and metrics with the ability to track the number of podcasts downloaded and/or viewed, instant feedback via rating system and comments, and subscribers via the RSS feed

  • Access the richness of SharePoint to extend the solution: workflows, community sub-sites, access rights, editorial and more

  • Customize your own PKS User Experience

This is an example of the PKS within SharePoint:


A beta version is aimed to be released on codeplex in September this year. Until then a PKS Tech Preview can be downloaded from here. More general information on the PKS, including slide decks, the PKS roadmap and PKS partners can be found here.


Comments (5)
  1. James Kemp says:

    Hi Johnny,

    In response:

    1. Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. I would hope this will be fixed in the later release. I would be tempted to search on codeplex to see if this issue has been documented. If it hasn’t, it maybe worth adding a comment.

    2. To get the tag cloud you need the  Community Kit for SharePoint Enhanced Blog Edition (EBE). This is available at: http://www.codeplex.com/CKS/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=5134



  2. Karl Dilkington says:

    I never knew about this. I’m very interested in podcasts so this info has been extremely useful.


  3. Ben Tokes says:

    Good stuff. This is very helpful. My wife Yvonne has been looking for this info for a while.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Gary Thompson says:

    Bingo! This is exactly what I needed in order to get my podcast on sharepoint!



  5. johnny says:

    Two questions

    1. I installed the Aug 2008 release. I was able to get the system running on my VPC and installed Silverlight Beta 2, I can’t seem to get the silverlight player and uploader shown the video to work.

    2. Do I need a separate download to enable the tag cloud feature?

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