How to see items added to a SharePoint list/library that meet a custom date value?

This post will describe how to create a view of a SharePoint list or library which displays the items/documents that meet a custom date value.


A 'New Employees' view is needed on an 'Employees' list to allow the Head of HR to see who has joined the organisation in the last three weeks. However, the HR secretary only adds the details of new employees every Friday, making the option described in the last post inadequate. To achieve what is required:

1.       Create the list/library

2.       Click Create Column on the Settings menu of the list/library









3.       Enter Date Joined as the Column name





4.       In the Name and Type section, click the Date and Time radio button











5.       Click OK

6.       Click Create View on the Settings menu of the list/library










7.       Under Start from an existing view, click All items or All Documents  






8.       Enter New Employees as the View name






9.       Check the Make this the default view check-box 

10.   In the Filter section, click the Show items only when the following is true radio button





11.   In the first drop-down, select Date Joined




12.   In the second drop-down, select is greater than





13.   In the text-box, type [Today]-21




14.   Click the And radio button

15.   Under When column,  in the first drop-down, select Date Joined





16.   Under When column,  in the second drop-down, select is less than or equal to





17.   In the text-box, type [Today]




18.   Click OK

Comments (6)
  1. James Kemp says:

    Hi Mikael,

    I am not 100% sure what you mean. Could you provide more detail on what you are aiming to do?



  2. James Kemp says:

    Thanks Sean. I now understand the problem. I think this is a very interesting problem and one that many people (like you and Mikael) would like to know. For this reason I plan to make a new post to explain it in detail.

  3. Mikael Söderström says:

    Do you know if there is a list with keywords, such as [Today]?


    Mikael Söderström

  4. Sean Lawrence says:

    I think that Mikael, like me, are looking for a reference of values one can use in both SharePoint Views and Calculated fields. Is there such a reference?

  5. Richard says:

    Hi James,  Did you ever compile that list of parameters, such as [Me], [Today] or can you guide me to a link where these parameters are listed – is there anything in the MS documentation on-line?

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