Using Powershell to Update DNS Records on GoDaddy API

I was recently working on using the GoDaddy API in lieu of using dynamicDNS to keep my lab IP up to date.  I stumbled across a post on Stack Overflow where someone had already started some work on this, but had not quite got it working. I was able to take what they had provided,…


Schannel SSL and TLS Registry Keys Reporting

I have seen this topic come up more and more recently. In many cases, organizations wish to report on and manage the Schannel registry values. Configuration Manager can help monitor, report, and implement these changes. Before modifying any of these settings, please make sure that you understand the implications. Please review very cafeully.   First,…


Top Console/Primary User

Check out this blog over at AskPFEPLat by Stephen Mathews.  It’s another take on determine the primary user of a computer. Determining the Dominant User and Setting the ManagedBy Computer Attribute  

Using PoSH to get Folder Size

I don’t know about you, but there are time when I am trying to track down where all my hard drive space is going. When your system has User Account Control (UAC) enabled, right clicking on a folder to get the properties may not always show the right size. I turn to PowerShell for a…

Peer Cache Reporting

Check out this great blog on with an example custom report that Seth built for Peer Cache!