Turning NETSTAT results into an Object

A customer was trying to extract some data from the netstat command.  The customer had already formed part of the syntax, but needed some additional assistance with filtering out the values they wished to see. Let’s take a look at the results of the netstat –nao command   In this case, the customer wanted to…

Case of the never-ending Full Collection Evaluation

 I was recently working with a customer with a large number of collections set for incremental evaluation.  The customer had tuned the settings on the primary sites to only run incremental every 30 minutes, their evaluation of incremental normal takes between 10-15 minutes to complete.   Recently, many of the collections began showing the hourglass…

FREE Technology Day – March 14 – Microsoft Reston, VA

Hi Everyone! There is a District of Columbia Maryland Virginia Management User Group (DMVMUG) Conference on March 14th in the Microsoft office in  Reston, VA.  Registration is required dmvmug.eventbrite.com See you there! Flyer-RestonVA2015.pdf