Configuration Manager R2 Toolkit Release!   Server Based Tools (NEW) DP Job Manager – A tool that helps troubleshoot and manage ongoing content distribution jobs to Configuration Manager distribution points. (NEW) Collection Evaluation Viewer – A tool that assists in troubleshooting collection evaluation related issues by viewing collection evaluation details. (NEW) Content Library Explorer – A tool that assists…


Import Computer Does Not Show Up in Collection

I was recently working with another PFE with a customer that has some pretty strict requirements around OSD collections.  The customer has tiered collections that separate workstations and servers. The 3rd tier of collections (where OSD deployments  are targeted) are each limited to the appropriate All Servers or All Workstation Collection.       When…


Configuration Manager PowerShell – Creating Collections from AD OUs

Is there an easy way to create collections based on my Active Directory OU’s? Customers often create collections in Configuration Manager to model their AD environment.  In some environments, with lots of OU’s, this can get an bit overwhelming.  If you are like me, you see this as an opportunity to leverage some automation ……


Configuration Manager PowerShell – Administrative Model and Collection Creation

A problem of delegated administration I was recently on-site with a customer that had very specific requirements in regards to which Administrative Users had access to add devices to collections for Software Distribution.  The design that they had come up with was not working as they had expected.  After some discussion, we came up with…


Configuration Manager PowerShell – Changing Package Source Location

Today we are going to examine 2 PowerShell CMDLETS that are new to Configuration Manager 2012 SP1.  Get-CMPackage Set-CMPackage   As you might have guessed, these two cmdlets allow us to view and modify attributes related to our packages.  These two commands can be extremely useful and powerful.  Let’s take a look at this scenario….


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I was recently at a customer location assisting them with a migration to Configuration Manager 2012.  It was time for us to migrate a few clients, so we proceeded to run ccmsetup.exe with the appropriate installation properties for their environment and monitored the ccmsetup.log.  Everything was proceeding as expected in the setup, until we reach…


What is Fallback and What Does it Mean?

This question seems to come up frequently when I am working with a customer.  It’s no wonder to me that people can get confused about “fallback”.  We have a Fallback Status Point, fallback for content location, and Fallback Site for Client Assignment.  Each one of these “fallback”‘s are very different from each other and can…