MP Update:System Center Configuration Manager MP (6.0.5000.12) For Operations Manager 2007

I’d missed blogging this release before.

The SCCM MP (6.0.5000.12) has been updated and is available from the download site and MP catalog -


Details of changes are contained the release notes of the MP.



Section last updated—February 2008

The following changes and corrections have been added for the February 2008 release of the management pack:

  1. Scripts now support connection to a Configuration Manager 2007 site server where the database resides on a named instance of SQL database server.
  2. The following performance threshold rules were changed from monitoring averages to monitoring the change in the performance counter. This allows the rule to more accurately reflect changes of interest.
    • PSP Total Requests > 10,000 over 1 hour
    • PSP PXE Requests processed > 4000 over 1 hour
    • PSP Database Requests processed > 4000 over 1 hour
    • PSP DHCP Discover Requests processed > 8000 over 1 hour
    • PSP Total Failed Requests > 10 over 30 minutes
  3. The style for the non-containment line in the site hierarchy diagram was changed from solid line to dash-dot-dot. This simplifies distinguishing between containment and non-containment (site server to site system) lines.
  4. The State Message Summary Task status is now correctly being interpreted as the number of rows processed and not simply an error code. If the value is greater than or equal to zero, the task completed successfully. If the value is less than zero, the task failed. A critical alert is now raised upon failure and not when some rows are successfully processed.
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