MP Update – Windows Cluster 2003 (6.0.6277.1)

An update to the Windows Cluster Management Pack has been released (


Updates to this MP are discussed in the included MP Guide (snippet below). PLEASE NOTE: If you already have the Cluster MP 6277 installed this update will require that you uninstall the existing cluster MP files

  • Microsoft.Windows.2003.Cluster.Management.Monitoring
  • Microsoft.Windows.2003.Cluster.Management.Library
  • Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Management.Monitoring
  • Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Management.Library
  • before importing the 6.0.6277.1 MP files.



    February 2008

    Original release of this guide

    March 2008

    The following issues were addressed:

    · A resource group with at least one offline resource was reported as offline.

    · Resources containing the “\” character not monitored properly.

    · Discovery rules that react to cluster changes will not work in low privilege environment and may not work even if the RunAs profile for the Cluster MP is configured.

    · Alert/State/Event views moved from Microsoft.Cluster.Management.Library MP to Microsoft.Cluster.Management.Monitoring MP.

    · ‘Enable EventLog Replication’ property has been removed from the Cluster Node class.

    · Resource groups with special characters such as double quote in their name cause discovery problems.

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