Operations Manager 2007 Active Directory Management Pack (ADMP) -(6.0.6278.3) Update released to the Web

An updated version of the ADMP (6.0.6278.3) has been released to the Web containing a number of fixes outlined below. This supercedes the version for OpsMgr07 RTM and the version supplied on the SP1 media. This MP contains an updated MP Guide too.


The Active Directory Management Pack monitors the availability and performance of Windows Server 2000 and 2003 Domain Controllers. It can also issue alerts for configuration problems. Availability and performance monitoring is done using synthetic transactions. In addition, the Management Pack collects Event Log alerts and provides associated knowledge articles with additional user details, possible causes, and suggested resolutions. The Management Pack monitors Windows services critical to a Domain Controller, such as Net Logon, File Replication, KDC, and Windows Time. The Active Directory Client Perspective monitoring is used independently from the monitoring on the Domain Controller. It runs synthetic transactions to validate the availability of the Active Directory deployment from the perspective of an Active Directory client. Client monitoring can be enabled on selected critical members servers or desktop clients.
The Active Directory Management Pack monitors Active Directory and the external components that are related to Active Directory. It provides forest-wide monitoring of the directory service and its required subsystems. In addition to real-time performance and event monitoring, it allows you to respond immediately to critical performance, health, or capacity issues.

Feature Summary:
• Core services (Net logon, KDC), dependent services (File Replication, Windows Time), and SYSVOL/DC Locator availability monitoring
• Synthetic Transactions for general AD, Global Catalog, Op Master Roles response
• Synthetic Replication performance monitoring
• Replication health
• Comprehensive performance metric collection (synthetic transaction and performance counter based)
• Independent Client-side monitoring MP
• Database and Log file growth/free space
• Comprehensive list of tasks to diagnose problems
• AD Topology discovery (Forests, Sites, Domain, and Connection objects between DCs)
• 400+ Event rules with associated knowledge
• Reports in the area of Configuration and Configuration changes, Availability, Performance

Management Pack Release History:
Initial Release 3/23/2007 Version 6.0.5000.0
1/15/2008 - Updated Guide - same version
03/17/2008 – Bug Fixes - Version 6.0.6278.3

  • Active Directory DC Last Bind Monitor: fixed incorrect locale dependent data type conversions
  • Active Directory Replication Partner Count MAX_CONNECTIONS increased to 999
  • Active Directory General Response Last Bind Performance Collection rules: increased data source script run interval to five minutes
  • Active Directory Global Catalog Response Time is less than five minutes
  • Active Directory Database and Logfile threshold monitoring: override parameter provided


Download link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=008f58a6-dc67-4e59-95c6-d7c7c34a1447&DisplayLang=en


The MP catalog normally lags a while in updating, but it should be available in the catalog shortly.

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