MP Released: Windows Server 2003 Cluster Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 (6.0.6277.0)

The much awaited Cluster monitoring MP for OpsMgr07 has released to the Web (MP catalog update may take a little longer)

Here's the download center link

Special installation notes (see the download page) for this release

REQUIRED if importing this MP on Operations Manager 20007 original release product

I have a Management Group running Operations Manager 2007 RTM installation

  1. Install the hotfix KB945312 from the folder KB9435312RTM ONLY QFE on each Management server before installing the cluster MP. This hotfix provides a fix for the WMI provider where events may be incorrectly interpreted when generated within a short space of time of one another. When the hotfix installation wrapper SystemCenterOperationsManager2007-RTM-KB945312-X86-X64-ENU.msi is executed it will (by default) create the %programfiles%\System Center 2007 Hotfix Utility\Q945312 folder and automatically launch the update dialog. I would suggest reading the Q945312.rtf document before proceeding with application of the hotfix. Once the hotfix is installed you will need to approve agents upgrades from Pending Management, and for manually installed agents apply the hotfix directly.

  2. Import the (6.0.6277.0) included with the hotfix (%programfiles%\System Center 2007 Hotfix Utility\Q945312)

  3. Install all MP files included in the MP release

I have a Management Group running Operations Manager 2007 SP1

  1. DO NOT install the hotfix, this is already included in Service Pack 1

  2. There is also no requirement to install (6.0.6277.0) included with the hotfix above.

 More details still on Marius' blog here

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