Remote Agent PreReq check tool for OpsMgr07

The Operations Manager team have released a command line tool similar to the GUI tool within the MOM 2005 reskit for Operations Manager 2007. Check out the details and download here

This MOMNetChkCMd.exe tool requires .Net Framework 2.0 but can be run independently of a Management Server.

The tool checks requirements for Agent push such as required discovery info via WMI, MSXML 6 requirement, Ports 445,139,137,135,5723 enabled, Windows Installer Service started, Remote Registry enabled, responds to ICMP ping.

Invoking MOMNetChkCMd.exe -Computername <nameofcomputer>

will perform a check against a single remote computer logging details to a .log file of the same name as the machine. The log header will contain a summary of the number of Errors, Warnings and Successes followed by details of each of the test performed and the results.

To be able to perform the check against large numbers of machines before agent deployment a text file and batch file are included. The text file to contain the list of computer NetBIOS names, and the batch file to read the list and call MOMNetChkCMd.exe against each. The log files can then be scanned for Errors as discussed in the Readme.txt file.

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