System Center Essentials post RTM Hotfix Rollup released to the Web

In an aid to specifically resolve the issue (The installation of System Center Essentials 2007 fails during the Reporting part of Setup and the following information is logged: “The specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted”) in which the whole installation of System Center Essentials 2007 will roll back (fail), and to allow address several other top issues (see below), a hotfix rollup package has been released and is available here


What specifically this rollup package fixes:

  • 936481 You cannot install the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Reporting feature in a disjointed namespace environment

  • 936339 Windows-based computers are not displayed in the Network Topology diagram view in System Center Essentials 2007, and WSUS component parts fail on the Essentials 2007 agents after you deploy the agents

  • 937467 Update files not getting downloaded to the Essentials 2007 server when importing updates from a partner catalog


More information on the rollup package will be available shortly in the form of a KB article which, when available (I’ll post an update here), will be on


Does the hotfix rollup apply to you?

If you already have Essentials installed this hotfix rollup does not apply to you.

If you already have Essentials installed and you experience the symptoms referred to in KB936339 or KB937467 please refer to those KB articles on how to obtain the hotfixes separately so that you can apply them in your environment.


If you currently don’t have Essentials installed and believe you will be affected by symptoms referred to in KB936481, KB936339 or KB937467 then this rollup package can certainly help you.

Also for those users registering to download the 90-day evaluation version here , the English downloads (aka US English) include a download of the rollup.


Can this hotfix rollup be applied to a SCE localized version?

Yes it can. However, you will have to download the rollup package from if you intend using the 90-day trial version and my be affected. The hotfix rollup UI is also not supplied in a localized version. 


How do I install the System Center Essentials 2007 Hotfix Rollup?

Firstly, as mentioned this applies to a fresh install of SCE. If you have SCE installed don’t continue from here unless you plan on installing another SCE environment in a situation where you will need this rollup.



  • Have a copy of the original source SCE media available to you on the proposed SCE Management server computer (best to map a drive to a network resource where it is located or have it available on DVD. Do not have it located on a local hard drive which will be the same drive the rollup package will create a patched version to.)

  • Have a copy of the SCE hotfix rollup package available locally on the proposed SCE Management server computer.

What does the hotfix rollup do?

The hotfix rollup package SCE2007RTMHotfixRollup.exe when executed will unpack its hotfix payload to a folder beneath the current users Temp folder and then present the following UI.

When using the Browse buttons make sure you select a source and destination which are different drives. The utility will not allow the source and destination hard drive for example to contain C:.

The “Select Essentials 2007 RTM media location” is a mapped network drive or local DVD media location (or a local hard drive which will not be the same as the “Select local directory…. option”

The “Select local directory to copy Essentials RTM media” is a local hard drive directory (empty) where the entire source media will be copied. When “Apply QFEs and start setup” button is clicked the source folder and file structure is copied to the destination folder and then the first of the hotfixes KB936481is applied to the destination (required because this is a patch to the reporting msi in order to install SCE in a disjointed DNS namespace). System Center Essentials 2007 Setup is then executed and you can begin the installation of SCE. During the installation the other two hotfixes will be applied automatically by the Setup infrastructure.


Once installation has completed successfully the directory chosen as “Select local directory to copy Essentials RTM media” can be removed.


Can I use the new media folder created as a result of the rollup package be used to install other SCE servers?

Yes, and No 🙂

If the destination folder is copied to DVD, network, etc for use in installing other SCE servers, note that only the hotfix for KB936481 will apply when installing using the updated media (ie. you can install in a disjlointed DNS namespace). Due to the way the other hotfixes are applied during Setup if you need them installed at install time run the hotfix rollup on the indended Management server itself. You can of course install the other two hotfixes after install (you can obtain them separately, or on the machine that SCE2007RTMHotfixRollup.exe was run the installing users %TEMP%\IXP0000.TMP folder will contain the MSI’s).

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    Here is the KB article referencing the recently released hotfix rollup for System Center Essentials 2007

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