MGInfo – Management Group license and summary info utility for Operations Manager 2007 and Essentials 2007

Here's a small command line utility I put together which allows you to display licensing, and some summary information about your management group.

What may be useful is the display of the evaluation license expiry date and the number of days remaining for those running the eval version (you don't want it expiring at the critical time you're putting it through its paces).

MGInfo can either be run on the RMS itself or remotely. Running remotely will require you to copy the SDK DLL's Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.Common.dll and Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.dll to the same folder as MGInfo).

Here's the information that will be displayed.

For the Essentials 2007 Eval version for example which has a 90-day expiry:

********** Product Licensing and Summary Information **********

Management Group : CHIPARUS
System Center SKU : Eval
System Center Product : SCE
Version : 6.0.5000.0
Product ID : nnnnn-nnn-nnnnnnn-nnnnn
Expiration date (Local time) : 9/2/2007 8:43:41 AM , 89 days to go
Licensed for : 11 servers, 50 clients

********** Summary Information **********

Installed Management Servers (Includes RMS, Management Servers and Gateways Servers) : 1
Managed Computers pending installation : 0
Agent Managed Computers : 6
Agentless Managed Computers : 0
Managed Devices : 0
Management packs installed : 78

********** RMS SDK Service Information **********

RMS Server :
RMS Server Action Account : omaction
SDK Service Account : contoso\CHIPARUS$
There are 3 users connected to the SDK Service :
User - contoso\omaction
User - contoso\cliveeastwood

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    Find out by usig Clive Eastwood's MGInfo. very nice!

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