KB934760 – Error message when you try to install a management agent in Operations Manager 2007: "Unknown error 0x80072971"

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When you try to install a management agent on a remote computer in Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager 2007, you receive the following error message in the Agent Management Task Status dialog box:

The MOM Server failed to acquire lock to remote computer computer_name. This means there is already an agent management operation proceeding on this computer, please retry the Push Agent operation after some time.
Operation: Agent Install
Install account: account_name
Error Code: 80072971
Error description: Unknown error 0x80072971

You experience this problem when you try to install the management agent on a computer on which a previous management agent installation has failed.
Note You may also experience this problem when you try to remove a management agent from a remote computer. If you experience this problem when you try to remove the management agent from a remote computer, Agent Uninstall appears next to Operation in the error message.



This problem occurs if the LockFileTime.txt file is located in the following folder on the remote computer:


When you install or remove a management agent, the Operations Manager 2007 management server copies temporary files to the remote computer. One of these files is named LockFileTime.txt. This lock file is intended to prevent another management server from performing a management agent installation at the same time as the current installation. If the management agent installation is unsuccessful and if the management server loses connectivity with the remote computer, the temporary files may not be removed. Therefore, the LockFileTime.txt may remain in the folder on the remote computer. When the management server next tries to perform an agent installation, the management server detects the lock file. Therefore, the management agent installation is unsuccessful.



To resolve this problem, remove the LockFileTime.txt file from the remote computer. To do this, follow these steps:

On the remote computer, click Start, click Run, type %windir%, and then click OK.

Double-click the 422C3AB1-32E0-4411-BF66-A84FEEFCC8E2 folder. Typically, the following files and folders are located in this folder:

The InstallHelpers folder

The x86 folder

The LockTimeFile.txt file

The MOMAgent.msi file

The MOMAgentInstaller.exe file

The MOMAgentInstallerPS.dll file

If a management agent installation is currently not queued in Operations Manager 2007, remove the LockTimeFile.txt file. To do this, right-click LockTimeFile.txt, click Delete, and then click Yes to confirm the removal of this file.

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