WSUS 3.0 MP For MOM 2005 released

The WSUS 3.0 MP for MOM 2005 has been released




The WSUS 3.0 Management Pack helps you diagnose and resolve the issues reported as events by the WSUS 3.0 server. There are four major event categories: core, database, Web services, and client-related issues.
• Core issues: content directory permissions, disk space, catalog synchronization, content synchronization, the WSUS service, and e-mail notification.
• Database issues
• Web services issues: events raised about the Reporting Web Service, API Remoting Service, Client WebService, Simple Web Authorization Service, Server Synchronization Service, and the Downstream Server Authentication Service.
• Client issues: update installation, the Windows Update Agent, client inventory, client self-update, and clients not reporting
Release History:
5/4/2007 Original release of MP

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