Windows Vista Client Monitoring MP for OpsMgr07 Released to the Web

The Vista monitoring MP is now available from




The Windows Vista Client Monitoring Management Pack is built on the Windows Diagnostics Infrastructure in Windows Vista that detects, diagnoses and tries to resolve hardware and software problems. Information and analysis on the issues that the system detected are collected by the MP through an agent on the client and sent to OpsMgr where this data is converted into health state, alerts (if need be) and processed for aggregate reports. The MP monitors the following areas:
• Disk reliability and utilization
• Memory reliability and utilization
• System performance
o Runtime performance
o Bootup performance
o Shutdown performance
o Sleep performance
o Resume performance
And surfaces information in these areas by:
1. Raising individual alerts when there are impending catastrophic failures
2. Raising trend-based alerts on significant changes to any OEM or computer group in one of the monitored areas
3. Health monitors giving an in-depth view of the health of individual machines with knowledge articles to guide the admin.
4. Reports giving a landscape view of the health of all monitored clients in all the monitoring areas

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