Notification Workflow Solution Accelerator is not supported on SQL Server 2005

I've heard this asked about a few times now so thought it best to confirm it.

The current Notification Workflow Solution Accelerator Version 1.2 (available here for MOM 2005 is not supported on SQL Server 2005.

From the Installation Guide:

Installation Requirements

For this updated version of Notification Workflow, the installation requires the following components to be installed on the same server, and the following conditions to be met:

·         Microsoft® Windows Server ™ 2003 as a member of a valid domain.

·         Microsoft .NET Framework. (This version must be later than 1.1.)

·         Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) configured with Microsoft Windows® or mixed-mode authentication.

·         MOM 2005 database.

·         SQL Server 2000 Notification Services SP1. Information about how to install this is contained in Notification Services Books Online, available at (From this link, click the link for “Installing Notification Services.”)

·         Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Microsoft ASP.NET plug-ins enabled.

·         The SQL Server service should be running at the time of installation.

·         The default Web site on the server should be running.

·         Properly configured Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server for sending SMTP mail. (Properly configured Windows SMTP service will also work.) Information about how to configure the Windows SMTP service to work with an external SMTP server is contained in SQL Server Notification Services Books Online, available at



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    This solution was never tested on SQL 2005.  I am working with the owner of the solution and will…

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