Find a Rule by its GUID

This utility which uses the MOM 2005 SDK is useful when executed via a MOM Ops Console Task against the Alert View

This utility is supplied 'AS-IS' with no support from Microsoft Corporation or myself.

Perfect for those alerts whose description contains

The response processor failed to execute a response. The response returned the error message: The object exporter specified was not found.

Response Details:

Rule ID: {BF1A8709-2D08-40DB-B435-61C39E163863}
Response description: script: {0C9EE4BF-FB06-451A-8853-CCE297D5F602}

but does not contain the rule name!

This C# utility I typically call from an Ops Console task using FindRulebyGUID "$Description$"

You would receive the following output in the task output window

Parsing Input for GUID


***** Rule Found *****

RuleID = bf1a8709-2d08-40db-b435-61c39e163863
Rule Name = MOM Agent Service Discovery
Rule Enabled/Disabled = True

***** Parent Rule Group *****

Parent Rule Group ID = 3922ea9d-3f5e-42b4-a759-2df95349badb
Parent Rule Group Name = Agents on all MOM roles
Parent Rule Group Description  =
Parent Rule Group Enabled/Disabled = True
Operations Manager 2005

Hope it proves useful.


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