ADS 1.1 released

It’s been a busy few days…ADS 1.1 is now available for download here: Key features include support for deploying Windows X64 servers, as well as bundling the Virtual Server Migration Toolkit into the package as well !!    


HPC goes to Beta 1

I’ve no idea how many times recently I’ve been asked when this product is going to be released – but it’s a lot.  Beta 1 is now availble for more info read the Window Server Division blog or take a look at the updated HPC pages on

WinFS beta 1 released

Just after the rumour started WinFS arrived, you can get the download at MSDN, or look at the channel 9 video and blog and it works on Windows XP (as mentioned on this blog)

Migrate to SQL Server competition

A great competition is you fancy winning a Chopper, just send in your story (if you live in the US and after you have checked the rules) to stand a chance of winning, or getting one of the other prizes on offer.

Top 10 Server Consolidation issues – Part 7

So this is the final post in this series.  I feel like I’ve missed out loads of information but it was my intention at the outset to present you with the major issues customers have told me about, and how I address them.    9. Change control or the lack of I wrote in Part…

Top 10 Server Consolidation issues – Part 6

Welcome to Part 6 – this is the penultimate instalment… 8. Legacy hardware – modem cards, fax boards Basically there is simple advise here, make sure you identify attached hardware on the servers you intend to consolidate (or virtualise) during the audit phase.  Lots of hardware either won’t virtualise or can’t be assigned to specific applications so co-hosting might not be…


To 64bit or not…my thoughts

Harold has just started a great thread which I’m sure will get a load of comments.  From my perspective I would buy x64 today (in fact I have done at home) however the full software stack isn’t always available – yet!  I think it’s inevitable that x64 (64bit) will dominate in the next few years and…


Top 10 Server Consolidation issues – Part 5

This is the fifth instalment covering server consolidation issues.  In the original post I highlighted 10 issues that are frequently mentioned, these additional posts are intended to cover one or more of these issues in more detail.   Today were are dealing with licensing and support: 6. Licensing – what effect does this have?First I’ll cover virtualisation licensing,…

Top 10 Server Consolidation issues – Part 4

So this post is about testing…as mentioned in Part 1 of this series 5. Testing has a new significance (especially true for mixed workload / co-hosted consolidation), reliance on doing this manually might not be sufficient This is a big topic and often an area often overlooked in the Windows world.  Often as we all…

Top 10 Server Consolidation issues – Part 1

Yesterday for the first time in a month or two I presented on Server Consolidation, it made me think of a few things: 1. Many people don’t know what resources exist, where to get advice on consolidation 2. Its often assumed that there isn’t any advice especially from Microsoft on this subject 3. This blog…