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Consolidation related utilities and offerings

General consolidation tools and Services Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft Services QuickPlan and Microsoft Services Portfolio offerings for Server Consolidation solutions Asset Optimization Group (AOG) CapacityPlanner is an agentless tool that gathers inventory and performance data, correlates this data to create server load profiles, and then provides server consolidation modeling. For mixed workload consolidation projects, the…

SyncToy…it’s about time!

If you have wanted to synchronise two folders between machines before but, didn’t want to buy a solution or couldn’t find one…this is for you – read about it here.


More Virtual Server scripts…

Bruce has some adapted scripts and other information when it comes to Virtual Server scripting, check it out here.

Maldives and Madrid

Maldives and Madrid Two very different holiday trips so far this year, one very relaxing week in the Maldives (2nd visit but to a new island – and we plan to go back!) and a short break to Madrid, where we got rained on every time we stepped outside.    SPA (Belgium) – Sept – yet…

Virtual Server – backup script using shadow copy

This script was just published (I personally haven’t tried it), check out Ben’s Blog…    


Mixed Workload Consolidation Guide Solution Accelerator for Consolidating and Migrating LOB Applications “How to” upgrade guides, from NT4, 2000, UNIX etc.   DSI (Dynamic Systems Initiative)    

Windows Server System

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