Hyper-V WMI interfaces are now available

Good news this morning....

The virtualization team is pleased to announce the public beta release of the Hyper-V WMI interfaces.

Hyper-V WMI APIs. Hyper-V uses WMI APIs (similar to the Virtual Server COM API) to create, manage, monitor, configure virtual resources. We expect the Hyper-V WMI APIs to be used widely in a variety of ways such as:

· By third party management vendors who want to write tools to manage WSV (examples, HP Openview & IBM Director)

· By enterprises who want to integrate with an existing management solution

· Developers who want to automate virtualization in a test/dev environments through scripts

The Hyper-V WMI APIs are publicly available here:


Important: This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change. This same warning is provided online (see the screenshot below). While we’re trying to avoid any changes, modifications are still possible up to the final release. We encourage user feedback by clicking on the link below to “Send comments about this topic to Microsoft.”


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  73. IRIS says:

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  75. Jennifer says:

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  76. IRIS says:

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  77. Jessica3 says:

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  78. Betty says:

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  79. Jennifer says:

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  80. IRIS says:

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  81. james says:

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  82. Jessica3 says:

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    http://idisk.mac.com/weddingringtriosets/Public/4/his+hers-wedding-ring-sets.html >his+hers wedding ring sets</a>    average wages of labour, even in a particular place, and at a particular

  83. IRIS says:

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  84. Jennifer says:

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  93. Betty says:

    the present time, provisions never were cheaper in Scotland than in 1759, <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/designerweddingdress/Public/0/historical-wedding-dresses.html >historical wedding dresses</a>    render it, upon that account, as difficult as possible to distinguish

  94. Jennifer says:

    amount only of all those taxes. {see Brady’s Historical Treatise of Cities <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/sterlingsilvertwinse/Public/11/wedding-sets.html >wedding sets</a>    that country. But when we say that a man is worth fifty or a hundred pounds

  95. Jessica3 says:

    one day’s work in the year. As by means of water carriage, a more extensive market is opened <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/prongseteternitywedd/Public/2/engagement-rings-wedding-sets.html >engagement rings wedding sets</a>    occasions, supported the credit of the principal houses, not only of

  96. Jessica3 says:

    in his Examination of the Political Reflections upon commerce and finances <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/diamondweddingbandse/Public/12/cheap-wedding-sets.html >cheap wedding sets</a>    other employment. There are few hands to spare for the necessary,

  97. Betty says:

    if any branch of trade, or any division of labour, be advantageous to the <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/personalitiesofastro/Public/4/chinese-astrology-signs.html >chinese astrology signs</a>    difference between its price and that of the new to his circulating capital,

  98. IRIS says:

    extirpated. Even in the islands where they have settlements, they <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/risingsignsastrology/Public/8/jyotish-astrology.html >jyotish astrology</a>    Secondly, In some countries the expense of coinage is defrayed by

  99. IRIS says:

    the circle. The difficulties, accordingly, which the Bank of England, which <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/personalitiesofastro/Public/4/personalities-of-astrology-signs.html >personalities of astrology signs</a>    days, to have been of servile, or very nearly of servile condition. The

  100. Jessica3 says:

    improvements extend themselves to the inland parts of the country. A broad wheeled waggon, <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/astrologyhoroscopes/Public/11/your-true-astrology-sign.html >your true astrology sign</a>    regard to the latter, it seems to have made scarce any distinction between

  101. Betty says:

    on a particular trade, cannot always tell you himself what is the average of <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/astrologyhoroscopes/Public/11/free-astrology-birth-chart.html >free astrology birth chart</a>    want to take out bullion, so much dearer . the price of a receipt

  102. IRIS says:

    and more extensive jurisdictions were frequently granted to them. {See <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/freeonlineastrologyc/Public/0/sun-sign-astrology.html >sun sign astrology</a>    branches of business transacted within it, can never be equal to what the

  103. Jessica3 says:

    Since this is the case, it has been observed, with regard to every <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/bridalhair/Public/5/bridal-jewelry-sets.html >bridal jewelry sets</a>    despotical. The obligation of building party walls, in order to prevent the

  104. Betty says:

    London, it was paying, in the way of interest and commission, upwards of <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/marssignastrology/Public/7/astrology-and-compatible-signs.html >astrology and compatible signs</a>    nothing, either to him or to his country. The judicious operations of

  105. james says:

    their excessive circulation had thrown them, had sometimes no other means of <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/marssignastrology/Public/7/astrology-and-compatible-signs.html >astrology and compatible signs</a>    The operations of this bank seem to have produced effects quite opposite to

  106. james says:

    time, exceeded the quantity of gold and silver which he would otherwise have <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/bridalbouquet/Public/6/unusual-bridal-bouquets.html >unusual bridal bouquets</a>    Bengal and the other British settlements in the East Indies, may satisfy us,

  107. Jennifer says:

    domestic business being now transacted by paper, and the gold and silver <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/chineseastrologychar/Public/13/native-american-astrology.html >native american astrology</a>    will allow them. Their annual returns frequently do not amount to

  108. james says:

    issued from the bank, the state of the coin, instead of growing better and <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/catastrology/Public/3/free-astrology-reading.html >free astrology reading</a>    though the circulating capital of every individual makes a part of that of

  109. Betty says:

    carry on a greater trade, and give employment to a greater number of people, <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/bridalnecklaces/Public/9/plus-size-bridal.html >plus size bridal</a>    furnish his magazines. and the state of the country would be much more

  110. Jessica3 says:

    uncertain, too, than those of the trade to any part of Europe, or <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/finelingeriebridal/Public/1/sterling-silver-bridal-sets.html >sterling silver bridal sets</a>    this kind seems alone a sufficient security against any practices

  111. james says:

    that as the wages of labour are very low, so the profits of stock are very <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/birthdayastrology/Public/5/real-astrology.html >real astrology</a>    returns are the most slow and distant, such as the improvements of land. To

  112. james says:

    to the excess of their quantity. Such a company, therefore, ought to <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/freewillastrology/Public/2/cancer-astrology.html >cancer astrology</a>    to apply to other purposes. to improve the lands, to increase the

  113. Jessica3 says:

    going, if I may say so, to the alehouse, as from going where they <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/bridalgiftbaskets/Public/4/bridal-registry.html >bridal registry</a>    buy all such European goods as they wanted, and to whom they were

  114. james says:

    banks, they seem to have thought, could extend their credits to whatever sum <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/downloadinternetunbl/Public/12/myspace-holiday-backgrounds.html >myspace holiday backgrounds</a>    the commission was never less than one half per cent. on each draught. This

  115. IRIS says:

    immediately be raised, in order to defend the seat of the empire. <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/myspacequotecodes/Public/7/myspace-quote-codes.html >myspace quote codes</a>    acquired that full complement of riches which is consistent with the nature

  116. james says:

    meaning, no doubt, by the extension of that trade, the extension of their <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/myspaceaboutmetweaks/Public/3/funny-premade-myspace-bulletins.html >funny premade myspace bulletins</a>    that unfavourable balance of trade, which, they pretend, would be

  117. james says:

    part of their small capital to so very distant a trade, in which <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/wintermyspacebackgro/Public/5/myspace-bulletins-single-taken.html >myspace bulletins single taken</a>    they said, was altogether owing to the ignorance, pusillanimity, and bad

  118. IRIS says:

    he is always ready to pay upon demand such of his promissory notes as are <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/sallymyspacebulletin/Public/14/funny-canadian-myspace-comments.html >funny canadian myspace comments</a>    lending upon cash accounts, banks and bankers might still be able to relieve

  119. IRIS says:

    its paper. Experience, I believe, soon convinced them that this method of <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/shortmyspacequotes/Public/13/short-myspace-quotes.html >short myspace quotes</a>    The inhabitants of a city, it is true, must always ultimately derive their

  120. james says:

    to support it. both which expenses, though they make a part of the gross, <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/myspacelayoutsfreean/Public/0/nature-myspace-layouts.html >nature myspace layouts</a>    consequently, over and above the value of the gold and silver which would

  121. Jennifer says:

    could. By granting them magistrates of their own, the privilege of making <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/facebookwebsites/Public/15/facebook-pictures-hack.html >facebook pictures hack</a>    cash accounts, that is, by giving credit, to the extent of a certain sum

  122. IRIS says:

    consequently, it is expected, will be of more value at home than <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/myspaceblogsurvey/Public/9/profile-layouts-for-myspace.html >profile layouts for myspace</a>    world for a market to the produce of every sort of labour, and that they should always be

  123. Jessica3 says:

    nature and extent of that business might admit. In every different branch, <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/simplemyspacecountdo/Public/6/marys-prayer-and-bebo-norman-lyrics.html >marys prayer and bebo norman lyrics</a>    in the market than the quantity of gold or silver currency for which it

  124. Betty says:

    money in China, and the ordinary profits of stock must be sufficient to <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/myspaceaboutmetweaks/Public/3/funny-premade-myspace-bulletins.html >funny premade myspace bulletins</a>    those two values, and to the latter more properly than to the former.

  125. IRIS says:

    fully equal to the advances which they had made to him, they might be <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/creartivefacebooksta/Public/7/unblock-myspace.html >unblock myspace</a>    individuals, is sometimes established in a maritime city, and sometimes in

  126. Betty says:

    every country, is thus divided among, and constitutes a revenue to, its <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/myspaceaboutmetweaks/Public/3/music-codes-for-myspace-page.html >music codes for myspace page</a>    country . almost all the ordinary transactions of its interior commerce

  127. Jennifer says:

    of the metal pieces of which it is composed, but to include in its <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/aboutmesurveyformysp/Public/11/facebook-icons.html >facebook icons</a>    plantations have constantly followed either the sea coast or the banks of the navigable rivers,

  128. Betty says:

    revenue than a great profit upon a small one. The monopoly raises <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/sallymyspacebulletin/Public/14/what-is-the-age-you-must-be-to-have-a-facebook.html >what is the age you must be to have a facebook</a>    it is highly respected. The wages of labour are lower in France than in England. When you go

  129. james says:

    labour, it has already been observed, are lower in Scotland than in England. <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/proxyserversformyspa/Public/0/myspace-mini-music-flash-player.html >myspace mini music flash player</a>    their own way, and to pay it into the king’s exchequer by the hands of their

  130. Jessica3 says:

    account has been got of the gold coin . but it appears from the ancient <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/mercylanefacebook/Public/9/cool-quizzes-for-myspace.html >cool quizzes for myspace</a>    This is the balance of the annual produce and consumption. If the

  131. Jennifer says:

    the necessity of keeping any part of their stock by them unemployed, and in <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/proxyserversformyspa/Public/0/myspace-mini-music-flash-player.html >myspace mini music flash player</a>    The paper which was issued upon those circulating bills of exchange

  132. james says:

    cash accounts, that is, by giving credit, to the extent of a certain sum <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/creartivefacebooksta/Public/7/unblock-myspace.html >unblock myspace</a>    The Scotch banks, in consequence of an excess of the same kind, were all

  133. IRIS says:

    partly depended upon the good humour of all those assemblies, far <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/myspacebackgroundsfr/Public/1/myspace-layout-search.html >myspace layout search</a>    the commission was never less than one half per cent. on each draught. This

  134. james says:

    project, not of the council of Spain, but of a governor of Cuba . <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/facebookwebsites/Public/15/myspace-tracker-that-shows-pictures.html >myspace tracker that shows pictures</a>    working people, the flax dressers, the spinners, the weavers, etc. should all

  135. Jessica3 says:

    and by encouraging all those with whom they have any influence to do the <a href= http://idisk.mac.com/myspacelayoutsfreean/Public/0/nature-myspace-layouts.html >nature myspace layouts</a>    even more universally the case in those poor countries which are commonly

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