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Lee emailed me to ask:

I've been interested in trying out some of the Microsoft Virtualization software but I'm somewhat confused by the product and wonder if you can set the record for me.  I have setup a test server running W2003 Server with Virtual Server 2005 R2.  I've do some reading on the VMM and I'm wondering if this is a replacement for Virtual Server 2005??  Should I be installing VMM on a separate server?


Hi Lee, SCVMM isn't a direct replacement for Virtual Server, it is a management tool that can be used to administer Virtual Server and Virtual server farms. 

If you have a single Virtual Server, you would probably continue using the web interface that comes with Virtual Server.  However as you start to add virtual machines or additional hosts then SCVMM allows you to manage, set policy, create templates and provide migration and various automation facilities.  If you are intending to use the virtual machines in a dev and test situation then the self-service portal can greatly enhance the developer or testers experience (it's not limited to test and dev by the way!). 

SCVMM can be installed on the same server as Virtual Server (if you have the capacity), or on a dedicated machine.



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