System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) RTM’s

Finally SCVMM RTM's.

It seems like ages ago (18mths+) since I first discovered that project 'Carmine' existed. I had a customer asking for a solution to manage their large Virtual Server estate, so off I went to discover our plans - at the time the project was largely unknown, but a few enquires unearthed a name in Redmond (Seattle).  A few weeks later saw me meeting up with that person in Seattle at our annual conference to find out more.  One of the outcomes was that more customer feedback was needed and the UK would be a great place to get that from (to provide a balanced perspective). April 06, saw the arrival of some of the project team (the best ones!) in the UK where we toured around 7 of our enterprise customers presenting and gathering feedback.  The best thing about those meetings was that I learnt a lot, It's hard not to when you hear the story 7 times!  The other interesting thing for me was that the majority of features the customers asked for were already covered.  I clearly remember one piece of feedback that was added to SCVMM was the remote SQL database support - this was a deal breaker for one particular customer. 

Chris Stirrat also posted this article on the announcement which included information about the R2 release that will manage Xen and VMware - fantastic news!  Read the news from Chris here:


I'll continue this later...


Well done the SCVMM team!!!!!


The main product websites will be up soon, until then go here:


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