NewsGator to Utilize IE7 RSS Feed Store

As a long time fan of NewsGator (which lets you keep your RSS feeds synchronized to a central server/repository), I was very pleased to see this tool that lets it work with Vista (RSS Feed Store), IE7 and Outlook 2007...more details on the Vista team Blog

I'd been lax recently as I've been running Vista and Office on all my machines in keeping my NewsGator lists up to date.  Instead preferring to keep my RSS in Outlook 2007 (as thus available in IE7 as they can share the RSS store).  Using Outlook 2007 means that my feeds are stored on the Exchange servers, and follow me between machines (and survive the many Vista re-builds - which is good!).

Now I get the best of both worlds as I performed a "merge" using this NewsGator tool which added many RSS feeds to my work collection (ones which I'd only kept in NewsGator) and added ones recently added to Outlook to NewsGator - so they are now available online and at home.

Thanks to Julius for pointing it out.

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