Local Live – new version

I've been a fan of local.live.com for a while, I particularly like the business search feature, it shows businesses on the map as per your search string - that may not make much sense so give it a go by selecting "businesses", then type a search such as "coffee" (you can use a generic name) and zoom in/out to see all the outlets in the viewable area).  I also appreciate being a able to save my favorite locations to a "collection" which is stored in my passport, a great easy way to navigate to common mapped places.  The driving directions and ability to send/email the link is a nice touch.  You can toggle between 'Road' and 'Aeriel' views (where available) as well.

I saw that the service has been significantly upgraded last night.  The VirtualEarth blog has all the new features listed, I like the ability to draw on the map, and it seems more snappy as well.

You can also easily jump to Live Search as well, which gained some significant UI tweaks recently making it much, much swifter to use (and it's now out of beta as well). 

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