PowerShell video

I just found this great Technet video (60mins) which is a great overview for this technology, Brett and Paul mentioned a lot of the things in their blogs recently that are also covered in this video...some of the demos are slightly hard to view at the resolution used (but they get better later on) but you'll get the idea.

I'd view this a 101 on PowerShell, and it would be well worth investing the hour viewing, I'm sure you'll be better informed than if you just read the docs 😉

The intro for the session is this (remember Monad was the previous name for PowerShell):

Learn about how Monad can help you solve common Management problems. Monad provides an IT-Pro oriented environment to explore, manipulate, and control your environment with unprecedented ease and power. This talk focuses on solving a set of common management problems to highlight the power and capabilities of Monad that can then be leveraged to solve a wide set of problems.

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