SCVMM Part 11…did you miss it?

I was post dating my latest SCVMM blog entry as it was a long one, and adding screen shots takes me a while, which meant that it actually appeared out of sequence on my blog.  It actually appeared at the time I created the entry rather than the time I specified it to post, so it wasn't the latest post...I didn't know about that feature - sorry! 

I'm not sure if that caused a problem for some of you but looking at my blog stats this weekend, the posts I have done after SCVMM Part11 have been read, but Part11 has hardly been.  So it could be one of four things:

1) You've had enough of the SCVMM series?

2) As the post appeared out of series you've just missed it.

3) The stats are wrong?

4) You have better things to do at the weekend (as if!)


I hope it's the 2nd one...

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