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I received this question in an email today, whilst it's not in my subject area - I think I have an answer, the question was:

I scoured Microsoft's website for this information, but I couldn't find out how to configure a pop-up blocker in IE v. 6 for people who have Windows 2000. Do you know where I can find out how to do this? I process orders for a mail-order business, and pop-ups have been a real hassle. Sorry to bother you!


I think one answer is here or any toolbar really, most block pop-ups (but it doesn't say for sure in this case which is strange - or I may have missed it!) but this one does work on Windows 2000, as it says "Requires Microsoft Windows XP/Server 2003/2000 & Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later
International Versions"

MSN Search Toolbar also has the same system requirements and does state in the details


The MSN Search Toolbar provides the capability to block pop-up windows while searching the Web. Because some pop-up windows are legitimate, it's easy to ensure that pop-ups you want to see don't get blocked

Hope that helps


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