SCVMM Summary and Diagram


To date we have covered the following:

Part 1: Initial Setup

Part 2: Creation of a host group

Part 3: Possible host and VM status

Part 4: Adding a host into SCVMM

Part 5: More state information and filtering lists

Part 6: Host Properties

Part 7: PowerShell 1 of 2

Part 8: PowerShell 2 of 2

Part 9: How to create a Virtual Machine (VM)

Part 10: Remote Control

My Setup and Diagram

This is my server setup consisting of mainly x86 Windows Servers, additional information on each is here:

This is a x86 laptop, with Windows Server 2003 EE R2 installed, it has 2GB RAM and two HDD's (Hard Disc Drives), the OS is installed on the first (internal disk) the VHD files on the second.  This server was a clean install specifically for SCVMM testing and didn't have IIS enabled, and Virtual Server 2005 was installed remotely by SCVMM when the SCVMM agent was pushed to it. 


This is a x86 server, with Windows Server 2003 EE R2 installed, it has 4GB RAM and multiple HDD.  This server had IIS and Virtual Sever 2005 R2 on it originally as well as 1-15 VM's of various Operating System versions.


This server is the host for SCVMM, with 500MB of RAM (which is below the SCVMM recommend level - but works), this is also running Windows 2003 EE R2 x86, this server  also has 750GB of disk - I hope that's enough space for my VHD library 🙂

Unnamed Server (top of the diagram)

This is one of our teams production Virtual Servers being managed by my SCVMM host, it is slightly different to the other servers as it's running the x64 edition of Windows 2003 EE R2, it has 10+ VM's on it.

All systems are located on desks within a few feet of each other, basically the "SCVMM" is under my desk, "CLWATSON-SERVER" is on my desk (both are connected via a gigabit switch).  HOTGOLD is just across the isle from me, and is accessed via our corporate 100MB network, the same is true for the unnamed server.

There you go Thomas, I hope this is what you requested in your posted comment yesterday?

Part 11 to follow soon..


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Clive Watson has been testing the new System Center Virtual Machine Manager Beta 1 and he has posted…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ben wrote to me last week to chat about SCVMM after reading my SCVMM blog series (sorry Ben but it took

  3. thomas says:

    Hi Clive,

    thanks a lot for the detailed diagram – I really appreciate your work on the blog and response time.

    So far a read every posting, keep on the good work.



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