SCVMM – Can you help the help?

I got an email from the technical writer for SCVMM help files over the weekend, she has been reading my posts about SCVMM specifically liking some of the warnings comments I have mentioned.  This was good to know, and I'll make sure I'm clearer when posting a warning, hint or tip in the future.

So can you help with help?  Have you any gotcha's, hints or tips you'd like to pass never know it could end up in the help file.  If you have and they would be most welcome this is your chance to make the product help files more meaningful - please leave a comment and I'll make sure they are passed on.  The technical writer is keen to get your feedback and ideas, so don't say later that you haven't been asked! 

Is there anything that you feel works well in help files, what would you like to see, personally I like to see scenarios/examples and planning's your chance to influence so please help make SCVMM help pertinent and extensive.

I'll also create a article on my blog that lists them as well (assuming I get some from you, so please pass this request on!)


Thanks in advance...your help is needed! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Clive Watson is asking for feedback on the SCVMM Help files.   If you haven’t seen Clive in action,…

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