Another Virtual Server networking question

Ivan, sent me this question

Is it possible to have special channel between virtual machines? For example, I have installed MSFT Virtual Server R2 and 2 virtual machines. If one program in one virtual machine is trying to access some file on it's virtual disk I want to know about it. I want to know about this attempt in host OS. Can I send any events from virtual OS to host OS via some channel, not via virtual network between virtual machine and host OS??? Actually I want by that approach to do real time virus scanning  which actually is done in host OS (anti-virus is installed in host OS and I want protect all virtual machines at once).

We let you access the Virtual machines via the LAN exactly like a physical system behaves, so you can do a netowork AV scan. We have many scenarios where customers don’t want the host to interact with the guests for valid reasons; you can use the Microsoft loopback adapter (;en-us;842561) to connect to the host to create a shared network - the full article is here.  John mentions this here as well.

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  1. ivan says:

    Thanks Clive 🙂

    But please tell me can I use Virtual Machine Addons installed on virtual machine? May be some API exist? I know that Virtual Server COM component exists but it is not very useful for me 🙁 For instance, can i get direct access to the  memory of virtual machine to perform AV scan of it?

  2. CliveW says:

    The COM API is the only way I know that provides access.

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