Vista, DFS-R and Blogs…

I’ve now completed my first full week of using Windows Vista on my primary laptop (still running Office 2003 Pro, as I’m not quite brave enough to go that far yet as performing presentations is a major role for me, so one change at a time).  I have to say the latest builds are looking good, they are finally starting to feel responsive and most of the features just work, even on my Toshiba laptop, which seems to struggle with XP…odd situation but a good sign for the future.

DFS-Replication (delivered with Windows Server 2003 R2) was again the most popular topic for me over the past two weeks, the team that writes the code Blogs here, which is well worth a read to get the facts straight from the horses’ mouth as it were.  In addition (and I know I’m repeating myself) the BOIS R2 guide is a great resource to help you plan for R2.  

One of the frustrations of a Blog is that the people who read them tend to be fairly up on what’s new and worth concentrating on.  Where as the audience we are all targeting typically just want to consume information without seeking it…so don't actaully read Blogs, whopping generalisation I know-sorry!  So I do apologise for repeating myself on occasion but there will always be a need to disseminate information, and repetition is just a by-product of that.

Have a good weekend…

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