Top 10 Server Consolidation issues – Part 6

Welcome to Part 6 - this is the penultimate instalment...

8. Legacy hardware – modem cards, fax boards

Basically there is simple advise here, make sure you identify attached hardware on the servers you intend to consolidate (or virtualise) during the audit phase.  Lots of hardware either won't virtualise or can't be assigned to specific applications so co-hosting might not be possible.  In addition it has been common to have remote management of the servers performed by an attached modem (PCI or otherwise) - this may cause you a security or technical issue if you intended to consolidate.  

You should also pay attention and try and spot all those other attached devices such as tape units while you are at it!  Consolidation is a good enabler for centralised backups or at a minimum a checkpoint in your regime.

Comments (6)

  1. tony roth says:

    not sure if this exists already but it would be nice to throw the spa at a lob server for a given set of time then have it spit out a consolidation report. does that makes sense to anybody?

  2. The_Prisoner says:

    Thanks for the comment – however I’m not sure I fully under stand what you mean by "throw the spa". Do you mean point a tool at one or more LOB servers? If so, there are some tools available either to gather consolidation information or to gather and suggest what can be consolidated – let me know and I’ll post some more details

  3. tony roth says:

    spa=server performance analyzer

    "to gather and suggest what can be consolidated"

    yea thats the ticket did I miss some tools from ms



  4. The_Prisoner says:

    TR, Thanks for clearing that up (there are too many three letter abbreviations these days). Your idea does indeed sound good, but I’ve not heard of this being a feature anytime soon – but I will do some research and post back the results.

    If you need inventory data then SMS can be used, System Center Capacity Manager and Reporting Manager are also making inroads into this area.

    Here are some products from MS & MS Partners that can be used.

  5. The_Prisoner says:

    …here is another tool that is MOM Server specific as posted about by Eileen which (and you could argue here) is somewhat consolidation related

  6. tony roth says:

    sms my god r u nuts I’m a wmi (wmic mostly) dude if it can’t be done via wmi then its not worth doing.. ah crap I’m mostly just kidding I’m currently working on some wmi/vbs scripts to do most of the analysis but I’m kinda lazy about things like this..

    mom my god u r nuts, just kidding we have it but its not fully deployed yet..

    once again thanks


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