My 2nd month as a blogger…

This type of post might get a bit dull so I won't bore you with anymore, unless something exciting happens to my posting stats...

My top 3 post as read by you this month were:

1st "Product releases in next 18 months"

2nd "Can Exchange 2003 be installed on 64-bit..."

3rd "MGB and Windows Vista"

Actually my post "My first month as a blogger" got the 2nd place slot - but I excluded that as it's not core to what this blog is about.  However I am puzzled as to why that post would score so high with you all?

Whilst discussing blog stats, I was very thankful to the two people who left comments for my "What would you want to see Microsoft demo?" post, it would however like to canvas a few more opinions so please don't be shy and leave me a comment...thanks in advance      

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