Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.0

Thanks for all the hits on my last post (which is now the 2nd most popular one I’ve done) – strange for a post that talks about posts!

Anyway…Tuesday is my day for housekeeping my machines (2 laptops, one of which runs Virtual Server and has currently 4 Virtual Machines, and two home systems Windows XP and Windows XP MCE.  As part of the checking I run MSBA, which I just noticed got updated on July 1st.  There is now a v2.0 release which amongst other things provides, severity ratings, scans for Office XP security updates (local & remote) and has Windows Server Update Services compatibility – for the full list take a look at the MSBA v2 website
Did I find any problems – yes I did this time but fortunately it was just a weak password on a temporary account (created yesterday) not a major issue for me but great to know about, as it’s just this kind of mistake that leaves you vulnerable if you don’t have a method of auditing your systems.

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  1. The_Prisoner says:

    I forgot to add that the above mentioned web page also mentions:

    How to script MBSA 2.0: Coming Soon

    Stay tuned for more information about scripting with MBSA 2.0, including sample roll-up scripts.

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